Forever - Larry Stylinson Oneshot 

- I love oneshots, and this was a brilliant excuse for me to write a fluffy one, which may be continued with a part 2 - part 2 will be all angst and sadness so enjoy a happy oneshot for now! Harry and Louis encounter an article which leads Louis to question his future with the curly haired boy. 

The two boys were currently lying in their hotel room, trying to pass the time before they were due to go on stage with BTR. Harry was lounging on the double bed, flicking through his phone lethargically, whilst Louis was seated on an armchair, laptop in front of him. Glancing up from his phone, the younger boy noticed the slight annoyance on Louis’ face as he read whatever it was that was on the screen. As Harry continued to stare at the older boy, who was completely oblivious, Louis face grew more and more distressed. Finally, Harry pocketed his phone, and sat up straight. “Louuuu-eeeehh,” He whined, causing the older boy to snap his head up, looking dazed. “Yes Harry?” He asked, trying his hardest to muster a grin at his boyfriend. Harry saw straight through his fruitless efforts and pouted. “Want you to kiss me,” the curly haired boy grumbled, looking so adorable Louis got out of his chair and clambered onto the bed, climbing gently onto the younger boys’ body. Harry, who had been expecting a sweet, smiling kiss, was surprised when he felt Louis mouth press against his own with some sort of hesitant urgency, his tongue probing against Harrys’, hands travelling up towards his hair. Harry gasped, pulling away, before leaning his forehead to rest on Louis, staring intently into Louis’ blue eyes. “Louis,” he breathed heavily, “What’s wrong?” The older boy shook his head, averting his gaze to the linen duvet covers. Sighing, Harry gently cupped Louis chin, tilting it so that the older boy had no choice but to meet his boyfriends’ reproachful green stare. Taking a deep breath, Louis bit his lip. “I…Well I was on Twitter, and everyone was saying stuff about how you’d brought…” Louis took another gulp of air, closing his eyes before continuing. “A house in the primrose estate..Near Nick Grimshaw. And that you were moving out, and of course I didn’t believe it for a second, so I checked online, and there’ve been loads of articles and they all sounded so accurate that I…” Eyes clenched shut, jaw taught, he tried to compose himself. “I couldn’t help wonder if maybe you’d grown tired of me, and that you were going to leave me,” Louis said in a rush, tripping over the words as he hurried to explain. “Louis, look at me,” Louis frowned at Harry’s tone - it had a strange glint to it. Obliging his boyfriends’ request, Louis slowly opened his eyes, barely breathing. He was shocked to find the green eyes staring back at him were smiling, Harrys’ shoulders were shaking with silent laughter. “Lou, you…You idiot!” He laughed, practically rolling around. However he spotted the hurt and doubt that flickered in Louis eyes, and before he knew it, Harry had pulled Louis wrist, causing the Doncaster lad to fall onto Harry, who quickly pressed on top of him, one arm around his waist, one leg draped over both of Louis’, sufficiently pinning him underneath the curly haired boy who still bore the faint signs of a smirk on his pink lips. With his free hand, Harry stroked Louis jaw, smiling softly. “Louis Tomlinson, not only do you and I both know that stuff online is rarely true, you also know that even if, in some act of utter lunacy and derision, I did move out of my beautiful complex, away from my gorgeous boyfriend who I love very much, I would at least tell you,” Harry’s was now leaning in, caressing every bit of available skin he could find, mouth moving up and down Louis’ neck. “And secondly, why on Earth would I want to move to Primrose, when everything I want is right in front of me, ?” Without waiting for a response from Louis, Harry leaned down once more, joining their lips together in perfect unison, closing his eyes as he felt Louis smiling into the kiss. “So you’ll stay with me?” Louis mumbled against Harrys’ lips, savouring everything about the Cheshire boy. “Forever.” Harry replied, hands finding Louis, entangling their fingers together.

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